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Welcome to The Virgin Islands...


Welcome to the US, British and Spanish Virgin Islands, an idyllic archipelago in the Caribbean Sea. Home to 8 airfields and 2 seaplane bases, we have populated this beautiful chain of islands with nautical life. Take a flight over the recreated marinas and ports that skirt these islands together with typical sailboats, catamarans, motorboats and luxury yachts travelling the coast! A perfect starting point for your new seaplane...


With version 2.0 we have added moving hard decks to several ships around the islands. You'll find several cruise ships, a cargo ship and US Navy warship moving around the coasts each with solid helidecks.

moving, landable ship locations - virgin islands

Suggested departures/destinations:

  • Terrance B Lettsome Airport (TUPJ)

  • Virgin Gorda Airport (TUPW)

  • Cyril E King Airport (TIST)

  • Charlotte Amelie Harbour Seaplane Base (VI22)

  • Aeropuerto Benjamín Rivera Noriega (TJCP)

  • Auguste George Airport (TUPA)

  • Antonio Rivera Rodríguez Airport (TJVQ)

  • Camp Garcia Vieques (PR18)

  • Christiansted Harbor Seaplane Base (VI32)

  • Henry E Rohlsen Airport (TISX)

  • Thousands of vessels in ports, marinas and travelling the coast

  • Additional cargo and cruise ship traffic travelling between the Virgin Islands and St Martin

  • Includes PBR models

  • Includes Night and navigation lighting on boats and in marinas

  • Includes Wakes


    TIP: Set Ground Wind Speed to 3 m/s (7 knots) or above for the best wake effects.

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