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This guide will help you to install our products and help solve any issues along the way. We hope that this helps you enjoy Seafront Simulations sceneries the way they are meant to be.

KEY TIP #1: Set Ground Wind Speed to 3 m/s (7 knots) or above for the best wake effects.

KEY TIP #2: Change the time slightly when you load into the flight - This will force the full loading of all ships (needed due to a longstanding core sim bug).

Vessels Core Library


All of our products require the installation of the free Vessels Core Library.

NOTE: Prior to version 1.6.0 Vessels: Global Shipping required Vessels: Enhanced AI to be installed in order to work. From Enhanced AI and Global Shipping are now separate products that can be used independently but that also complement each other. Both products now rely on the Vessels Core Library being installed.

The Vessels Core Library is a large model library that provides a common set of models to our coastal sceneries. It won't provide any scenery by itself and its always been free. We have done this to stop people needing to download and store several gigabytes of models many times over and also to streamline our update process.


Vessels Core Library

OrbxCentral Installation of Vessels Core LibraryJustFlight


Installation is different depending on whether you received the product from JustFlight, Orbx or the Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) Marketplace but for each one you need to first install, restart and set the leisureboat and ship and ferry traffic sliders as required (see below).


You can download our products via Orbx Central. When installing, please select the 'Simulator Folder' when asked as this seems to cause less issues than saving to the 'Orbx Library'.


You can download our products via JustFlight's website. The download will include a folder with a package name like 'seafront-sightseeing-vessels-madeira'. You may have to look inside the 'PackageContent' folder to find it. Please copy this to your MSFS Flight Simulator 'Community' folder to install the scenery before starting the game.


You can install products from the MSFS Marketplace in the same way as any other product.

NOTE: It is always advised to reboot the simulator after installing our products as the model libraries don't always register.

INSTALLATION - Traffic Settings / Sliders

In order to get the best results from our sceneries you should set the 'leisure boat' and 'ship and ferry' traffic settings/sliders based on the following:

Leisure Boats = 100% (Not available on Xbox)

PC Ship and Ferry = Minimum 10% / Xbox 100%

In the unlikely event this has too much of an impact on your experience, you can adjust the settings downwards.

Further Detail

Shipping in our regional sceneries appears at 10% or above.

Since version 2.0.0 Global Shipping will give you the following volume of traffic at each setting:

Setting of 5% = 50% of traffic will appear

Setting of 10% or above = 100% of traffic will appear (NOTE: Xbox users may need to increase the setting to 100%)

This is for greater compatibility with Xbox and other addons.

PC Settings


I don't see many moving boats

The simulator has a longstanding bug that sometimes stops the boats from completely loading in. Try changing the time slightly and wait for 10-20 seconds. This usually forces the simulator to refresh and fully load the moving boats.

I have bought and installed a regional scenery but can't see any boats

Please follow the below steps:

1. Make sure that you have installed the Vessels Core Library

2. Set the Ships and Ferries sliders as needed (see above).

3. Restart the simulator

I have bought and installed Global Shipping but can't see any ships

Please follow the below steps:

1. Make sure that you have installed the Vessels Core Library

2. Set the traffic sliders as needed (see above).

3. Try a flight from Gibraltar (LXGB). You should see lots of ships passing through the Gibraltar Strait.

NOTE: Vessels: Global Shipping routes use real-world Autonomous Identification System (AIS) data. This means that you are more likely to find ships in real-world shipping lanes like the Singapore Strait (WSSS), River Elbe (ETMN), English Channel, Istanbul, Çanakkale or Skagerrak Straits and busy destinations like Hong Kong (VHHH) and Bangkok (VTBT).

I have installed all of the required products, restarted the simulator and set the correct sliders but still don't see ships

The downloads have been known to get corrupted for some of our customers. Please uninstall our packs completely (not 'Verify') and then reinstall the scenery.

If you are using Orbx Central we DO NOT RECOMMEND using 'Verify Files' as this sometimes verifies against a previously corrupt download. Instead try uninstalling and reinstalling completely.

I restarted the flight and all of the ships have disappeared

This is a known issue with the sim itself. Restarting a flight seems to skip loading the ground/water traffic. We have reported this to Asobo and Microsoft.

Need More Help?

If you have followed this guide and the product is still not working please email [email protected]

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